Clubs & Programmes

Students' Council

The aim of the council is to ensure that students are represented and treated fairly in all areas of their school life.

Active Since: 1990
Coordinator: Mr. Dalton Slew

Jamaica Red Cross

The main objective of the club is to promote humanitarian work through volunteering and education.

Active Since: 2017
Coordinator: Ms. Peta-Gay Brown

Oracabessa High School Youth Etiquette Society (Oh Yes!)

Our goal is to foster students' development through excellent communication skills; the building of social graces; expansion of networking; and the molding and shaping of wholesome moral values.

Active Since: 2017
Coordinator: Ms. Shanique Austin

OHS Volunteerism Programme

Empowering youths to create the nation they want by equipping them with experiences that promotes personal development and nation building.

Active Since: Nov. 18 2018
Coordinator: Ms. Shackeria Mesquita